Public Databases

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

When completing forms for submission to the OFA public database, it is strongly encouraged to sign on the Authorization to Release Abnormal Results. This will allow the OFA to release the results of its evaluation of the animal described on this application to the public if the results are abnormal. This will enable other breeders to follow pedigrees and familial lines in order to make educated decisions on their breeding program.
Also please be sure to include all registration numbers (CKC and AKC) in order for the database to link all related dogs accordingly.
Be sure to confirm the spelling of the dog’s name once they are added to the OFA database so that they can be looked up correctly (ie Readyfor not Ready For, etc). If there are any misspellings or information that needs to be updated, OFA can be contacted quite easily at

TollerData is an amazing tool for the public and it is strongly encouraged to list all tollers and any health clearances, concerns, cause of death, notes of interest for others to access. Be sure to include all registration numbers (CKC, AKC, etc) in order for the database to link all related dogs accordingly. Be sure to spell the dog’s name correctly so that they can be looked up and found very easily. The registry data can be used by breeders in determining which dogs are best for their breeding program. Knowing the status of the dog and the status of the dog’s lineage, breeders and genetic counselors can decide which matings are the most appropriate for reducing the incidence serious conditions in the offspring.

TollerData is an open database for pedigree information on Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers or Tollers for short. Many Toller breeders and fanciers maintain their own pedigree databases for pedigree research. TollerData is a web site that serves a similar but public function. The data here is editable by many breeders and can be viewed by anybody. By combining resources, the set of data that is available is larger and new/corrected information can proliferate to more people more quickly. TollerData doesn’t replace the private pedigree database; it supplements it.

TollerData is not a registry. Registries are organizations like the AKC, UKC, CKC, KC, etc., which register dogs for a fee and keep extensive pedigree records. TollerData is merely a database. Most of the dogs in this database are probably registered with one or more registries, or they may not be registered at all. Any registered user, not just the owner or breeder of the dog, may enter pedigree information. We do not review the information and we make absolutely no claims as to its accuracy. TollerData is a good place to start your pedigree research, but if accuracy of information is important, you should independently verify the accuracy of the information you find.

To verify the accuracy of pedigree and other information, here are some useful sources:

  • Registries like the AKC, CKC, UKC, etc. can be used to verify pedigree information for registered dogs.
  • Health clearances may be verified at health registries such as OFA.
  • The breeder(s) and/or owner(s) of the dog may be consulted.