All READYFOR breeding stock is certified free of Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia
through OFA, eye disease through the CERF exam, and DNA tested for the PRA,
CEA/CH, JADD and CP1 genes. We also check thyroid levels of all breeding stock and
obtain OFA Thyroid Certification. OFA Heart clearances as well as Cardiopet EKG
Heart Analysis are also completed on dogs used in our Readyfor breeding program.
Copies of certification will be furnished on request and will be included in the
READYFOR Puppy Package sent home with the new owners.

I have many enquiries for my dogs but do not promise a puppy until I know how many I
have available and specifics regarding their individual temperament, conformation
analysis, focus and drive. All READYFOR pups are sold in Canada with the Canadian
Kennel Club Non-Breeding Contract or Canadian Kennel Club Co-Ownership
Agreement. A comprehensive written contract is supplied stating that the Non-Breeding
contract will be cancelled in return for pick puppy or price of a puppy at time of
cancelling the Non-Breeding contract, providing the dog is a superior specimen in
conformation, temperament and attitude, is clear for hips, elbows, eyes, heart and
thyroid, and does not have any other condition which is undesirable for the breed. The
Non-Breeding Contract allows us to have some control over a puppy until it grows up and
ensures that only those animals of good quality, with no undesirable physical or mental
defects, are used for breeding. Temperament and health is of the utmost importance. The
other alternative, used mainly for potential breeding stock for READYFOR Tollers, is for
Co-Ownership with READYFOR until the dog proves suitable for breeding. As above, an
extensive contract is completed outlining the requirements and details of said agreement.
As AKC does not recognize CKC Non-Breeding Registration, dogs sold to the USA go
with a separate contract outlined the non-breeding requirement.

Our pups have an initial inoculation at 7-8 weeks against distemper, hepatitis and
parvovirus, and have been dewormed at least twice. The pups going to Canadian homes
have 6 weeks of health insurance through Petsecure Pet Health Insurance which is
activated once the puppy leaves our home. The puppies leave our home between 8-10
weeks of age. All are provided with a Health Booklet outlining what vaccinations and
medications have been administered and giving the name of the veterinarian who has
examined the pups as well as an extensive READYFOR Puppy Package.

2014 price for a READYFOR pet puppy is $1800.00. All READYFOR pups are
guaranteed for hereditary defect of the hips, eyes, heart, or thyroid for a period of 2
years. A written guarantee and extensive contract are included in our READYFOR
Tollers Contract and Puppy Package. Once you have been advised that a puppy will be
available to you from a specific litter, a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the purchase
price will be required in the form of cash, certified cheque or money order. This will go
towards the administration, paperwork, CKC litter registration, and veterinary fees
incurred to date.

Thank you for your interest in READYFOR Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.