Additional Tests

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals offers addition certification for our breeding dogs.

Elbow Dysplasia – Radiographs of the elbows are submitted to OFA for evaluation for the presence of pathology involving the medial coronoid of the ulna (FCP), osteochondritis of the medial humeral condyle in the elbow joint (OCD), and an ununited anconeal process (UAP).

This form must accompany the submission to OFA. NOTE – OFA offers a discount for HIP Dysplasia and ELBOW Dysplasia evaluation when submitted together.

Patellar Luxation – A physical exam by the veterinarian or specialist will determine the presence of luxation, whether it’s unilateral or bilateral, and to what degree. This evaluation can be done on any dog over 12 months of age. This form is submitted to OFA for certification.

Dentition Database – Once all the dog’s adult teeth have erupted, a physical exam can be done to determine the presence or absence of teeth, and if there are any retained deciduous teeth. This form is submitted to OFA for certification.

Mixed Soft-Tissue Database Discount:

OFA offers a Mixed Soft-Tissue Database Discounted Individual Rate of $7.50 per application when three or more soft tissue applications are submitted together on a single dog (example: Cardiac, Patella, Dentition, Thyroid, and/or Eye applications). This discount does NOT apply to any applications requiring radiographic evaluations.

Litter rate and Kennel Rate Submission Discounts:

OFA offers certificates for specific databases at a discounted Litter rate on three or more submitted together, or as a discounted Kennel rate when at least 5 individuals submitted as a group that is owned/co-owned by the same person.


Ongoing Studies

Liver Shunt Research:

Unfortunately, liver shunts have been present too often in my line as well as with other tollers. I have been in contact with Bannasch Laboratory to see what we can do to help genetically identify this disease. We need bloodwork from affected tollers, parents of tollers with shunts, and non-affected siblings. I would appreciate everyone’s help on this. If you have a toller that fits one of the categories above, please contact me personally and I will speak with you about what is needed. Your help can really make the difference in working to conquer this illness!

Alyson Casper
Cyon Tollers
NSDTRC-USA National Rescue Coordinator
Phone: 954-424-8194